Static Home Window Film in Royal Tunbridge Wells

Royal Tunbridge Wells window film - S-Line Solarfilm

Static Home Window Film In Royal Tunbridge Wells: A Case Study Of Window Films Providing Aesthetics, Comfort, Energy Efficiency, And More!
Client: The homeowner is a philocalist and loves to see his home decorated beautifully.
Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells
Project: Solar Window Film complementing the architectural style of the space
Materials: Residential Solar Window Film

This homeowner is a philocalist and loves everything that is pleasing to the eye. He came to us with the demand that he wanted the window films to be functional—by offering glare reduction, UV protection and energy efficiency. However, he also said that he wants something that would enhance the appearance of his home and make it look like an architectural wonder.

Our team is highly sensitive to the demands of the client and decided to go for what he demanded. We offered him static home window film in Royal Tunbridge Wells and customised it as per his demands. The window film gave the space a modern and stylish appearance while reducing the glare and offering maximum energy efficiency. After the project’s completion, our client’s satisfied grin was the five-star rating that we were looking for! Well, that’s a happy ending. Last week, he came with his friend, who was looking for a security window film installation for his home! Right now, our team is busy and on their toes with this new project!

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