Solar Film Home Extensions in Virginia Water

S-Line Solarfilm home extensions Virginia - Solar Film Application

Increase your privacy, security, and safety at home with Solar Film Home Extensions in Virginia Water
Client: Homeowner who was looking for privacy and security
Location: Virginia Water
Project: Residential solar film installation in Virginia Water
Materials: S-Line Solar Window Films
This client came to us because he was concerned with the large windows and doors that compromised his privacy. He was also worried about the security and safety of his home, as the glass windows and doors were not strong enough. We decided to install mirrored solar window film that had reflective qualities due to its mirrored effect and made the outside view a visual delight. The reflective solar window film gave a sleek, modern look to the place, and the solar film home extension in Virginia Water enhanced the exterior appearance of the place. The polished facade was a lovely choice, as it not only increased the aesthetics of the property but also offered innumerable benefits like UV protection, reduced glare, safety, security, privacy, and most of all, energy efficiency by maintaining the temperature indoors.
Our client was delighted with our suggestions and installation. He was all praises for our excellent work and recommended us to one of his close friends who requires commercial solar film installation for his office. So, now we have a big project in hand, and this ‘word of mouth’ recommendation made our team beam with happiness and boosted their confidence and morale.

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