Frosted Window Film

Heightened Levels of Privacy and Elegance With
A Stylish Solution.

Residential Frosted Window Film

Tailored to meet the needs of both residential and commercial spaces, the frosted film provides a stylish solution for every property owner. Transform clear glass surfaces into a frosted finish while allowing natural light to filter through, allowing your space to boast the benefits of natural light whilst minimising the need for glazing replacements and prying eyes. With frosted window film, you can embrace the modern and convenient approach to enhancing your space with this innovative and affordable solution.

Great alternative from the mirrored film, mostly installed in bathrooms or front doors.

How Will You Benefit From Frosted Film?

Avoid the expense of replacing your glazing for alternatives such as; rippled or sandblasted glass options. Instead, boast the best of what frosted film offers for a fraction of the cost whilst delivering the same benefits. Whilst frosted film can work in any setting, the benefit of its installation shines the most in commercial properties. From encouraging privacy to adding a professional branding graphic touch, take a look at how you will benefit from this film.


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