Residential Solar Window Film

Enhanced Comfort and Protection: Beat the Heat, Glare,
and Harmful UV Rays

Residential Solar Window Film

Tired of windows that let in excessive heat during summer and allow the warmth to escape during winter? Look no further than solar window film, designed to improve energy efficiency and remove the need to cover your gorgeous glazing with nets, blinds and curtains. With its remarkable thermal retention capability of up to 33%, this film helps regulate indoor temperatures while reducing glare by an impressive 82%. You can enjoy a naturally illuminated and comfortable ambience in your home or business premises by choosing solar window film.

How Does Solar Film Work?

Every homeowner wants natural sunlight, allowing it to illuminate their property and add that longed-for warmth to their home. However, with excessive sunlight comes mass heat and UV rays that can be unwelcome and damaging.

By installing solar window film on your windows, you can effortlessly reflect solar and radiant heat away, allowing only controlled amounts of light to filter into the room. Solar film is highly effective in reducing heat to comfortable temperatures that are pleasant to live and work in. From windows and doors to conservatories and skylights, enjoy the best of solar film.

How Will You Benefit From Solar Film?

Experience enhanced insulation in your residential or commercial property with S-Line Solar Film that delivers remarkable benefits:



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