Residential Window Film

Residential Window Film

Allow your home to boast the benefits of window film with S Line Solar Film. We understand that every home and client requires ​​catering that can meet various needs. From excessive heat in conservatories or orangeries to intense sunlight restricting your view or causing sun damage to your furnishings via your windows. Fortunately, here at S-Line, we have an effective solution, window film, to address your concerns and more, enabling you to fully optimise your living space and enhance your enjoyment through such a simple adjustment.

Optimise & Enhance Your Living Space

Explore the different types of window film and effectively resolve the issues you’re experiencing and improve your home through the benefits of each type of window film. Take a look at the most sought-after types of residential window films, along with the benefits they offer:
Encourage energy efficiency and UV protection throughout your home.
Encourage privacy with restricted views with mirrored film.
Enjoy the best of both; privacy and natural light.
Enjoy privacy throughout your home for you and your family.
Protect your valuables and furnishings by reducing the impact of UV
Keep unwanted guests at bay with stronger windows.
Reduce excessive heat and improve energy efficiency with skylight film.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Conservatory
with Window Film

Enjoy natural light whilst keeping your home cool and protected.

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Folded residential Mirrored Solar Window Film
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