Solar Window Film Installation in Redhill

Solar Window Film Installation in Redhill

Client:  An eco-conscious homeowner

Location: Redhill

Project: Installation of solar window film on the backyard windows of the house

Materials Used: Residential Solar Film

Our client, an environmentally conscious homeowner, wanted to minimise energy use and maximise natural light in his residence. The large windows in the house’s backyard posed several problems with excessive UV exposure, heat gain, fading furnishings, and compromised privacy.

Seeking a solution, the homeowners opted for S-Line’s solar window film installation. Our window film mitigated UV radiation and reduced the risk of flooring and furniture damage. Furthermore, our film catered to the ecological needs of the homeowner as well as enhancing their privacy. Now, the family lives in a naturally illuminated, thermally comfortable space throughout the year while lowering energy bills.

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