Conservatory window film in Cobham

S-Line Solarfilm's superior window film for Cobham conservatories

Glare Reduction And Privacy: A Case Study For Conservatory Window Film In Cobham
Client: This homeowner was looking for some privacy without sacrificing natural lighting.
Location: Cobham
Project: Solar Window Film to enhance the functionality, comfort and energy efficiency of the conservatories
Materials: Residential Conservatory Solar Window Film

This client had a beautiful conservatory and was looking for a solar film that would provide him with a good level of privacy. He also did not want the UV rays to damage and fade the furniture and flooring. Moreover, as Cobham has hot summers and cold winters, regulating the temperature inside the conservatory ensures optimal comfort all throughout the year.

When he came to us, he gave us a list of things that he wanted and was seeking. Our team gave him a patient hearing and suggested the very best conservatory solar window film in Cobham that would offer temperature regulation, glare reduction, privacy, UV protection and energy efficiency. After the installation, this client was extremely pleased with the job done and wanted to give us a five-star review. The smile on his face made our day and that was truly the motivational force that drives us to do a better job each and every time.

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