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Add Comfort, Safety and Style to Your Kent Homes with Residential Window Films

Welcome to S-Line Solarfilm, your dependable source of industry-standard residential window films in the UK. Led by Martin Standen, the present CEO of the company, we are the most trusted supplier and installer of window films in Kent. We are here to address all your glass-related issues at home, including glare, heat, safety and privacy, with our scratch-resistant coating. Here is a peek into how your life could change with a window laminate from us:

  • Extra privacy: Bothered by inquisitive neighbours? Want to guard your home interiors from sneaky people? Rely on our top-quality window films to deter crime.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Our window laminates reflect heat away from your dwelling during the summer and trap the warmth during the winter to maintain an optimal temperature indoors.
  • Reduced glare: Glares can be annoying when watching TV or viewing a computer screen. With tinted windows, much of the sun’s rays can be blocked out for a comfortably lit room.
  • UV protection: Prevent your furniture and soft furnishings from discolouring. Installing our fenestration films. These block out the harmful UV rays from penetrating through windows.
  • Safety: Laminates save homes from potential hazards through their anti-shatter properties, thereby lowering the risk of accidents.

Ready to experience and explore the benefits of installing residential window films? Our professional team of fitters can help you out and restore your peace of mind. We are skilled in supplying and installing a variety of fenestration laminates, including mirrored, UV, skylight, bi-fold and others. Of them, we enjoy the highest demand for the following:

Privacy window film

Our products are one-way privacy films. These block the view for outsiders but open up for occupants to see outside.

Solar window film

Save money on curtains, nets and blinds with our residential fenestration laminates, designed for better energy efficiency.

Security window film

This film type is innovatively designed to achieve the best of both worlds: security and aesthetics. With it, you can cut down on the cost of bars and shutters.

Create a Professional Atmosphere While Maintaining Privacy with a Commercial Window Film

S-Line Solarfilm goes beyond residential laminates to supply window films to schools, shops, corporate office buildings, museums and other offices in Kent. Our motive is to enhance the appearance while making it comfortable for employees and customers through commercial-grade fenestration laminates. It’s a wise investment, promising the following benefits for your business establishment:

  • Conserve energy: Many businesses prioritise efficient energy management. Our commercial laminates for windows help achieve this by lowering heat loss when temperatures drop and offering a quick return on investment.
  • Maintains privacy: Save your commercial property and employees from being objects of curiosity among passersby with our commercial window films guarding fenestrations.
  • Consistent comfort: Our commercial window films save employees from irritating glare and temperature fluctuations to create an environment that is comfortable and conducive to working.
  • Safeguards from UV rays: Protect the health of your workers from UV exposure and the risks of skin cancer or faster ageing with commercial-grade window laminates from us.
  • Modern look: The patterned or decorative films we supply have the power to work on office aesthetics in addition to meeting functional needs.

It’s been over 19 years that we have been creating the best working environment with our commercial window films. From supplying to installing fenestration laminates in Kent, we enjoy expertise in every aspect of the job. Achieve great looks, improve comfort and enhance functionality with our advanced window film solutions. We are often approached for the following:

Frosted Window Film

This one is perfect for increasing privacy within offices, without blocking out light entirely. We supply and install textured, matte and other designs in spas and medical facilities, in addition to corporate spaces.

Mirrored Film

Created with a remarkable one-way mirrored effect, this commercial-grade film is the ideal solution to excessive sunlight penetrating offices while safeguarding privacy.

Office Window Film

Put an end to glare and privacy issues with this type of commercial fenestration laminate. The ones we supply can protect interior furnishings from UV rays while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the workspace.

Get Professional Window Film Installation Services in Kent. Hire Our Experts!

  • We have an impressive track record of fitting commercial fenestration laminates
  • There is no risk of bubbling, discolouration or peeling when involving our experts
  • We only install films that accompany 15 years of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • We feature an exclusive collection of films from leading manufacturers, promising a long-lasting performance
  • We have over 19 years of experience in film installation and are fully insured to get the task done

S-Line Solarfilm Can Be Your Reliable Partner in Window Film Supply and Installation!

Is it glare, heat, or fading that is troubling you? Summon our professional team of window film suppliers and installation experts in Kent today by filling out our form.
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