The Ultimate Guide to Residential Privacy Window Film: Everything You Need to Know

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We at S-Line Solarfilm are proud to bring our clients the best of our home window tinting in Kent. In this endeavour, we recognise that the array of choices and iterations of our products frequently confuse our customers.

Who knew something as straightforward as window films could have so many similar-sounding varieties? Solar and UV. Security and privacy. Mirrored and frosted. Fancy names can complicate choices but, here’s the thing: they are not fancy names. Each type of residential window film we feature serves a specific purpose and fulfils strong customer demands.

So, through this blog, we aim to give our potential customers all the know-how more simplistically. This might help homeowners choose what is best for them more confidently.

Overview of the S-Line Solar Film Range of Residential Window Film Solutions Based on Application

The main draw of window films is to give glass panes a protective layer to block glare, heat and UV rays without blocking the outside view or daylight. It is extremely popular among homeowners since one gets all the protection for their windows with almost zero maintenance.

At least so less compared to the periodic cleanup for curtains and blinds. Here is a lineup of S-Line Solar’s wide catalogue of privacy films for residential windows, with a detailed guide about their benefits and utility.

  • Solar: These are designed to handle sunlight more efficiently. Enjoy natural daylight with remarkable thermal retention capabilities of up to 33% and up to 82% glare reduction. Notable products under this category include 3M’s Sun Control series.

  • UV-Resistant: Similar to solar films, UV-resistant varieties also address the impact of sun exposure on your interiors, conditioning heat and glare.They also have this additional capability to block harsh UV rays. This product can block away up to 99% of UV rays and 79% of heat without making your space too dark. We recommend products like StockFilm’s CLEAR UV CONTROL museum-grade polyester-base window films with 50-micron thickness.

  • Privacy: The idea of a one-way privacy film is to reduce the visibility of your indoors from outside. We recommend this product when client’s inquiries simply read like this: “What can I put on my windows so I can see out but, no one can see in?”. Mirrored and frosted window films are similar products that meet the privacy concern more specifically.

  • Security: We explained about privacy films. Security sounds similar but, it is different from it in the sense that its application is more about strength and durability. These products highlight anti-shatter properties and give the glass more tolerance against breakability.

  • Skylight: If you have a skylight loft or conservatory, you’ll find these window protectors more indispensable. Skylight window films have the perfect combination of thermal efficiency and insulation properties. You get floods of natural light with UV filtration and reduced heat and glare.

As you can see, the different features of the window films highlight certain aspects of their application. It doesn’t mean that privacy window films cannot offer higher security. You can get frosted or mirrored films custom-fitted for bi-fold doors and windows too. So while you are selecting the right material for your windows, you need to have a clear objective about how you wish to use your windows and what type of structure they are.

What Are the Disadvantages of Window Film for Homes?

Okay, as one of the leading window film companies in Kent, we ought to promote the benefits of our products. Most installers would do that! The purpose of this blog however, is to provide the ultimate guidance.

What we at S-Line Solar Film truly “ought to do” is help homeowners make a conscious decision and leave less scope for complaints after installation. We need to talk about the downsides of window films to give you a better idea of their suitability for your home. So here we go.

  • You Don’t Get 100% Privacy: We have talked about our privacy window films and the options of frosted and mirrored effects. When our customers specifically ask for something like, “What can I put on my windows so I can see out but, no one can see in?” we have to let them down. There is no such thing as this. You can get higher privacy during the daytime or whenever the light outdoors is brighter than indoors. When it is dark outside and your lights are turned on, your neighbours will be able to see through. You will need to draw your curtains or close the window for privacy.

  • Reduce Light Transfer: If you require greater opacity for privacy, use tinted, frosted or mirrored protectors. While the solar glare and UV protection are excellent, they can obstruct natural light. The outside view is a shade darker, and so is your room.

  • Requires Professional Installation: You might think that installing window films is the easiest DIY project but, it can often go south especially avoiding bubbles and streaks. It is recommended to opt for professional installation to save you time and waste of film.

Reap The Best of Residential Window Film Benefits with S-Line Solarfilm

When we say that we offer residential window film solutions, it means that we provide expert consultation, supply you with the right products and carry out installation services. You can get all the guidance you need from our window tint installers in Kent.

We have partnered with brands like 3M, Stockfilms, Opalux Inc. and SunTek to supply high-quality tinted windows to homeowners in Kent. We make sure that partnering with us turns out to be the most seamless, hassle-free and cost-effective experience for you. Feel free to send us your queries, or book an appointment with us for a free consultation.

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