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Solar film is a flexible and cost-effective solution for homes and workspaces. It’s used for reducing heat, light, glare and UV radiation. Solar film is a window tint that’s applied to the windows to improve the aesthetics of the window and additionally enhance its performance. The solar window film is a sheet of sturdy polyester laminate that sticks to the glass surface. They are scratch-resistant and have excellent insulative properties for reducing security and safety hazards that are often associated with fragile glasses.

Solar window films work wonders for both residential and commercial spaces as they can control heat radiation coming from the sun. Not only that but, solar films can decrease heat penetration and reduce the harsh glare of the sun while still obstructing the outside view. If you wish to protect your furniture and walls from fading due to UV radiation, then privacy window film can be a great choice. Invest in S-line SolarFilm to reduce harmful UV radiation from entering your space.

Residential Window Films

S Line Solar Film is the one-stop destination for residential window film ascots. We understand that every home is different and the needs vary depending on a lot of factors. We ensure all our clients get what they are looking for. Our team goes the extra mile and makes sure that there are no gaps or loopholes in the installation of window films of any kind at your residence. From initial consolation to project completion, we are there with you through thick and thin.
• UV-protection
• Glare reduction
• Safety and security
• Improved aesthetics
• Noise reduction
• Ease of maintenance

Solar Window Film

Also known as solar control window film, this specialised kind of window film is one-of-a-kind. It helps in heat reduction, blocks UV rays, reduces glare caused by sunlight and lastly, creates a more comfortable indoor space. Unlike traditional window coverings, solar window film doesn’t obstruct outdoor views yet provides privacy and offers optimal UV protection.

Privacy Window Film

Designed for optimal privacy, this type of window film offers a practical, customised and cost-effective solution that enhances the security, privacy and aesthetics of your space. The privacy window film is applied directly to glass surfaces to enhance privacy and reduce the light coming from outside. Easy to install and remove, this versatile choice is a budget-friendly solution that complements the architectural style of your interior space.

Security Window Film

The impact-resistant security window film is an effective and affordable solution, enhancing the safety of the residents and protecting the occupants from injury. Secure your life and property, along with your peace of mind, by choosing customised solutions from S Line SolarFilm.

Commercial Window Films

Commercial solar window films can be an excellent investment, as your business will now enjoy energy efficiency, improved insulation and an enhanced environment for your staff and customers. Commercial window films offer glare protection, ensuring not to strain employee eyes, which might hinder productivity. Commercial window films ensure great privacy, making them a highly convenient choice for businesses in busy and exposed areas. Here are the benefits of commercial window films.
• Energy-efficient
• UV protection
• Privacy
• Glare reduction
• Enhanced aesthetics
• Noise reduction

Office Window Film

Natural light can help boost employee productivity but, reducing glare and enhancing privacy is a big concern. Window films from S Line Solar Films offer the benefits of natural light by not obstructing the view yet blocking UV radiation. Now be completely secure from prying eyes without being entirely disconnected from the outside world.

Mirrored Or Privacy Window Film

This is the ultimate solution for combating excess sunlight and glare and transforming your commercial space into a completely new one. With a remarkable one-way mirrored effect, you safeguard your privacy yet embrace natural light without compromising on the aesthetics of the ambience. This solar window film reduces the probability of break-ins and theft as it is strong and sturdy enough to offer optimal security.

Security Window Film Commercial

Solar window film is a great alternative to traditional security measures like shutters and bars. They offer both security and aesthetics and are designed with anti-shutter properties, making it highly difficult for thieves and intruders to break in through the glass windows. The security window film commercial is a universal solution for various types of windows, be they your home, office, or any commercial building.

Why Choose Us?

S Line SolarFilm is the one-stop destination for high-quality solar window films. We are one of the industry’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of solar window films. If you are wondering why we are the best among all other window film suppliers and installers, then these top five reasons will resolve all your queries.
• Get high-quality solar window films at a competitive price.
• Excellent customer service makes us the best among others.
• Our energy-efficient products ensure long-term cost savings.
• Our team has the expertise, experience, and competence as per industry standards.
• We offer customised solutions tailored to meet the needs of everyone.

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